6 Smart Strategies to Manage Your Trade-Up Move

trade up moveMaking a local move? Usually that means selling one home and buying another. Keep in mind, Murphy’s Law is alive and well. If something can go wrong, it probably will unless you know the secret to a successful move.

The secret to making it all come together in today’s market is coordination. You need to know what comes first, second, third. An you need to know how to proceed if the reality of selling and buying doesn’t quite follow your planned sequence.

Here are six inside tricks of the trade courtesy of The Tim and Kym Team to help you juggle all the pieces of a local move.

1) Start with the facts

We can help you gather the critical information you need. Call us first, when you are beginning to think about making a local move. We’ll determine how much home your money will buy in today’s market so you can move up comfortably. We an even scout the market together for a selection of suitable homes and neighborhoods so you can compare and assess the quality of home you get in various areas.

2) Chart your course 

Together we’ll plot the sequence of selling and buying events that lead up to the move. We’ll also work up an aggressive marketing plan to sell your present home quickly for the best possible price. We’ll put a list together of itmes that need improvement to maximize your bottom line.

3) Pull up your anchor

In most cases, it’s  better to sell your present home before signing a contract to buy. Then you are not pressured to accept a below-market offer just to meet your purchase deadline. When you do get a tempting offer, you may consider putting a contingency clause in the sale contract that gives you a reasonable time to find a home to buy.

4) Keep a lookout

While your present home is on the market, we’ll help you shop for a lender and get pre-approved for financing so you have more bargaining power when you bid on a home.

5) Weather the storm 

Things may not go exactly according to plan, so be ready to make changes as needed. If you don’t find the right home in the first neighborhood, consider other community options. If you decide to buy before you sell, you will need to qualify for both payments up front. The Tim and Kym Team have helped dozens of families navigate a trade up move and are able to recommend creative solutions to ensure you stay on course.

6) Rely on your crew

With two transactions in progress, the chance of miscommunication goes up exponentially. There may be 15-30 entities involved in the transactions- appraisers, loan officers, underwriters, escrow officers, home inspectors, etc. The transactions may be further complicated if three, four or more families are stacked up like dominos so that a  hitch with one affects all others. We’ll help you get ready for both closings by coordinating all the details for you. We’ll keep you informed at every step and be on the lookout to remedy any roadblocks that might surface.  Tim likens it to “Connect the Dots”. We all placed this as children…..our goal is to make moving your family as simple as that. Get a no obligation online evaluation of your home, visit our Seller’s Page and click through for a market analysis to be emailed.


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