Arrowhead Lakes 2016 Sales Review

Trilogy at vistancia homes for saleArrowhead Lakes  2016 sales review    

 The year ended with a -23% decrease in sales volume year over year.  Units sold came in 62 units sold in ’16 vs. 75 in 15.  Sales price per sq ft is continuing to climb however, supported by overall market increases.  Keep in mind that Arrowhead Lakes is a smaller community and some years turn over will be much greater than others and that was the case in 2016. Going into first Q 2017 we should see some steady activity trickling through and a few more listings will come on in the spring months.

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market but not sure how to position yourself among tight competition and some updating/upgrading issues,  it would be wise to give us a call,. There are many ways to market your home in the best light, and many of the listings in Arrowhead Lakes currently are not positioned well.   Seller Info

For those of you that have been wanting to buy, it’s better to do so now if you can find the right home with price per square foot inching up. If you would like to get more info simply call, text, or email The Tim and Kym Team!

This Year Sales Volume: 25,786,280
Last Year Sales Volume: 31,763,657

Active Listings 2016  10( current) 
Active Listings 2015 15

Closed Listings 2016 62
Closed Listings 2015 75

Low Sale This Year:  218,000 for 1467 sq ft
Low Sale Last Year: 210,000 for 1467 sq ft

High Sale This Year 1,020,000 for  4938 sq ft lakefront
High Sale Last Year 807,000 for 5000 sq ft lakefront

Average List Price Per Foot This Year: 176.49
Average List Price Per Foot Last Year: 172.09

Average Sale Price Per Foot This Year: 170.42
Average Sale Price Per Foot Last Year: 164.98

Average Days on Market This Year: 110
Average Days on Market Last Year: 142

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