Avoid Pitfalls with a Brand New Home

3 Crucial Reasons to use The Tim & Kym Team when buying a New Build.



1.  At the top of the list is – PRICE!  Once you select a home, wouldn’t you like to get it for the absolute best price possible?  We negotiate on your behalf with the builder to obtain the best price and terms for you, not the builder.  Keep in mind that the helpful person in the Sales Office works exclusively for the Builder, not you.  A Huge misconception is that you don’t need a Realtor when buying a New Home since a Salesperson is already there.  So not true!  Despite the Salesperson’s willingness and eagerness to help you, they are there for, and paid by, the Seller/Builder.  You wouldn’t represent yourself in a court of law, you would have professional representation.  Why would you even think to represent yourself in one of your biggest investments?  Why not have a professional representing you then too?  Oh Yeah, maybe you believe that you can get a better “deal” without a Realtor, since the Builder won’t have to pay one.  Again, so not true!  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  First of all, Builders have already accounted for the cost of you having representation, so if you don’t, that’s just more profit in the builder’s pocket.  Think about it, why would a Builder pass the savings to you, when they don’t have to, and jeopardize maintaining their advertised prices?  They simply would not.  Second of all, a good Realtor knows how to negotiate a potentially “better-than-advertised” price for you, without jeopardizing the Builder’s advertised prices.  Sure lots of folks have purchased New Homes without representation, and are very satisfied with the results.  The truth is they paid for representation without getting any.  Nonetheless, they’re happy and none the wiser.  But, think about the few that purchased without representation, and were not satisfied with the results.  What then? 



2.  When building a home, you will be required to make a lot of decisions on things like floor plans, lots, structure options, design options, and even financing and incentive options.  While we leave the decisions to you, we can offer invaluable advice to assist you with some of your choices.  Based on our experience, we can reveal options or choices that the Builder may not even mention.  Remember, the Salesperson represents the Builder, not you.  Sharing with you what options will increase your home’s value, and which ones will not, or which design options you should have the Builder do vs. which ones are better to do later, are just some of the value we add in the process. 



3.  What happens when problems arise?  Did you hear the story of “so-and-so” building their dream home, and it turned into the biggest nightmare?  It happens, and sadly, more often than we want to believe.  The most important value we add in handling the many problems that can occur when building a home is knowing how to avoid them.  Builder reputations, future development, building standards, Homeowner Associations, and knowledge of the city, town, area, communities, neighborhood, are all to be considered to avoid potential issues down the road.  Sometimes, despite all best efforts to avoid problems with your New Build, they can still occur.  Mistakes can occur, corners can be cut, accidents can happen, and when they do, do you want to have to pursue the Builder for resolution, or would you prefer a professional do it? 


The Tim & Kym Team specialize in assisting Homebuyers exercise their best option when purchasing a home, and whether that is a resale home, a new build, a spec or inventory home, or even a For Sale by Owner, they are prepared to fully represent you.  Best of all, it’s FREE!  That’s right, you receive all the benefits of being fully represented in your purchase, and it costs you absolutely nothing.  Realtors are compensated by Sellers, even though they exclusively represent the Buyer.  Generally, the only requirement is that they accompany you on your first visit or contact to any Seller, including a new home sales office.  So call them today to get started on buying a brand new home.


The Tim & Kym Team hold the following designations to assist you in achieving the best results possible when purchasing a home.  Best of all, you’re going to love working with them. Contact us today to get started.


   Accredited Buyer Representative

Certified Negotiation Expert

Graduate, REALTOR Institute

Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist

 e-Pro Internet Marketing

  Seller Representative Specialist
Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource

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