It’s Our Birthday! Arizona eHomes is 1 year old

The real estate firm, Arizona eHomes, recently celebrated its first year in business.  Founded on the premise of putting real estate brokerages into the digital age, Arizona eHomes is realizing success one customer at a time.  With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, and achieving outstanding results for each and every Homebuyer or Seller, it is fast changing what most people would expect from a real estate office.

So why open another real estate office, when there were already so many out there?

  Simply answered, it was needed.  All of the recognizable real estate offices which we think of such as Re/Max, Keller Williams, Realty Executives, HomeSmart, and the list goes on, were all founded and rooted prior to the internet age.  Like so many industries, real estate has been forever changed with the advent and wide use of the internet.  According to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), 96% of homebuyers use the web to search for a home. It’s no surprise that sites such as Zillow, Trulia, HomeFinder, and Realtor.com become sites that homebuyers find and use in the course of their home search.

So why have these sites become bigger players within the real estate arena than actual real estate companies?

The real estate market has, and continues to evolve, and it’s all taking place online.  Anyone in need of real estate services has but to turn on their computer, tablet, or mobile device, and have more ability than if they were to walk into one of these big name real estate offices.

But did you know? The combination of these sites is only a total of 66% accurate in their listing details. If you are using these resources to conduct your seraching, you are missing many homes, and are likely also considering homes that are already sold! 

Arizona eHomes is part of the evolution of real estate.  At a local level it serves homebuyers and sellers at a 30% better accuracy than Zillow, Trulia, and the like.  While it fills the online gap left by most big real estate offices, and improves upon what the big real estate sites give you, it also exceedingly delivers where it counts most, and that is, their Agents.  With over 25 years combined experience, and ongoing continuing education,  it has the absolute best Agents you will ever have the privilege in working with.

So the next time you hear of anyone even slightly interested in purchasing or selling a home in Arizona, refer them to www.ArizonaeHomes.com to begin experiencing a better way to real estate.

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