Should I Buy or Sell a Home During The Holidays?

should i buy or sell a home during the holidaysWe are often asked if it’s a good idea to list or buy a home during the 4th quarter holiday season.  Most people are advised to get their home to market in the late winter or early spring months for the real estate buying season. While the majority of homes do sell primarily in the first half, there are actual benefits to listing or looking for home during the holidays. 2019 in particular is good as we have very low resale inventory available, forcing some buyers to go with new build because they can’t find what they are looking for. Here are some of the other top reasons why you shouldn’t avoid the season for selling or buying.


Just because the holidays are encroaching doesn’t mean that everyone can wait to buy or sell. Buyers never stop looking if they are serious about getting into a home, and a serious seller will keep their home on the market throughout the year.  There may be fewer Buyers and Sellers during this time, but they are both determined, so the quality of listings and lookers is much higher.

Many people with school-age children want to wait to buy a new home when their kids are not in school, but the reality is that anyone looking for a new place can move at any time of the year. If you think about it, the mild Phoenix weather during this time of year is much more pleasant than spring or summer.

Home prices usually slightly fall in the fall through holiday season when the market cools down. If you are a serious buyer, this is a savvy time to be looking for a home, specifically with less competition out.

Less Buyer competition means less stressful shopping, selecting, and closing on a home. Contact The Tim and Kym Team for a customized personal website for researching the MLS for suitable listings. Buyers Contact Us


Less competition can also work to your advantage, with fewer listings on the market during this period; you don’t have to drastically slash the price in order for your property to sell.

One of the advantages to selling during the holidays is the festive atmosphere and holiday décor can make your home look and feel more charming. Feeling cozy and comfortable play into what buyers are looking for in a home.

Create that environment with candles, subtle seasonal décor, and warm lighting. Since outdoor living is a big part of why we choose to live in Arizona, pay attention to your backyard or patio space, potted flowers and succulents add plenty of appeal.

Less Seller competition combined with serious Buyer traffic can mean a fast and profitable sale during the holiday season. Contact The Tim and Kym Team for a market analysis and overview on holiday selling. Sellers Contact Us

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